Item SC078003: Mass is conserved when a stick of butter is cut into pieces.

A student uses a knife to cut a stick of butter on a dish into smaller pieces. The student weighs the dish, knife, wrapper, and butter before and after cutting the butter into pieces.

Will the dish, knife, wrapper, and butter weigh more, less, or the same when the butter is in small pieces and why?

  1. They will weigh more because there are more pieces of butter.
  2. They will weigh less because the butter is in smaller pieces.
  3. They will weigh less because some of the butter disappears when it is cut.
  4. They will weigh the same because the amount of butter has not changed.

Distribution of Responses

Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item SC078003

Percent of students responding correctly

Grades 6–870%
Grades 9–1273%
Primary Language is English72%
Primary Language is not English63%

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