Item EG002002: For two pinecones falling at the same speed, the pinecone with more mass has more motion energy.

Two pine cones are falling from a pine tree. Both pine cones are falling at the same speed.

If Pine Cone 1 weighs less than Pine Cone 2, which pine cone has more motion energy (kinetic energy)?

  1. Pine Cone 1 has more motion energy.
  2. Pine Cone 2 has more motion energy.
  3. Both pine cones have the same amount of motion energy.
  4. Neither pine cone has any motion energy.

Distribution of Responses

Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item EG002002

Percent of students responding correctly

Grades 6–838%
Grades 9–1244%
Primary Language is English41%
Primary Language is not English34%

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