Item CL038001: In the northern hemisphere, if the maximum height the sun reaches in the sky is lower throughout the year at one place than at another place, the place where the maximum height the sun reaches is lower is farther north.

The graph below represents the maximum height of the sun in the sky at two different places in North America over the course of a year.

What must be TRUE about the two places?

  1. Place 1 is north of Place 2.
  2. Place 2 is north of Place 1.
  3. They are the same distance from the equator but Place 1 is east of Place 2.
  4. This could only happen if something is different about the places, such as one is on a mountain and the other is not.

Distribution of Responses

Chart showing distrubtion of responses for Item CL038001

Percent of students responding correctly

Grades 6–836%
Grades 9–1246%
Primary Language is English42%
Primary Language is not English38%

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